How can I use aloMedic in my practice?

Start leveraging the possibilities of telemedicine now!

aloMedic is an alternative to the traditional office visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

End to end Patient monitoring

You can have access to your patients from anywhere in the world.

Electronic Health record for all your patients

Share images between you and your patient or to send and receive documents.
Have access to all your patients records from any device

See your patients from your office or home

For patients with mobility or mental health issues can greatly benefit from an online video visit using the help of our Medical Advisors guided by you!

Schedule a visit to a patient or send an advisor to monitor

Save time answering phones and scheduling patients, yet maintain the control you need of your clinic schedule.

With Alomedic's telemedicine platform, providers can offer alternatives for patients who may struggle with traditional office visits, mobility and complex health issues that create barriers to their care.

Join the healthcare providers using aloMedic as their virtual care platform for enhanced patient care. We will help you visit and treat your patients wherever they are from your clinic and the comfort of their home.

Since 2017, aloMedic has been helping patients to access their healthcare providers and vice versa. We are continioulsy finding ways to provide better affordable and effective care solutions.

How Do I Set Up aloMedic for My Practice?

It’s simple. Because aloMedic is a web-based solution, no hardware installations are required. Once you have requested to sign up, one of our representatives will be in contact to complete your registration process. Questions? Email Us Here at [email protected], call us at (+832) 282-2756 or fill in the appointment form...

The Alomedic Platform gives patients unparalleled access to their physicians, and makes data collection seamless at the point of care.

We’ll connect you with a provider authorized to write prescriptions over phone or video. No trip to the doctor’s office required.

Turn to Alomedic for a second opinion. We can connect you to a board-certified doctor licensed in our international physicians network for an on-demand consultation via phone or video call.

aloMedic is the virtual care solution you can trust!

Our physicians were chosen for their multidisciplinary expertise, thought leadership and distinctive tenure in healthcare